Transfer any file to your TV


Sideload files

Transfer files downloaded with your iPhone or iPad.

No PC required

Now files can be transfered directly from your phone or tablet.

Auto Device Discovery

Auto detects your TV box or TV stick type devices for simple setup. The app also has a manual ip address entry feature too.


1 - Phone or tablet

iPhone or iPad

2 - TV device

TV box and TV stick type devices are supported.

3 - File

The file you want to transfer.


Where can I find the IP Address of my TV?

Settings - System - About - Network

How do I load a file into the app?

If you download a file with a browser(Safari, Chrome, Dolphin, etc) on your iPhone or iPad an option to 'open in Sideloader' will appear when the download is completed.
Once the file is loaded select 'Send' to begin the transfer.
Note: If you use the Safari browser it will just show a blank white screen while downloading so please wait for the download to finish and eventually you will see the 'open in Sideloader' option.

How do I delete a file from my iPhone / iPad?

Swiping left on any file will display a delete button.

Where can I find the files that have been transfered?

Use a file manager to navigate to /sdcard/Download/

Settings - Applications - Manage Installed Applications

The app still states the network connection has timed out. Help?

Usually this is caused by another app so please verify other apps have disconnected properly.

I have other questions. Help?


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